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Testimonials: Testimonial

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Derry Down Retirement Livery, and in particular Fenella for the outstanding care my two horses receive.

Both my boys are ex-race horses, so they are not only quite highly strung on occasion, but also rather "delicate flowers!".

Fenella has worked wonders with them over the past 8 months, and they are almost unrecognisable as the same horses.  Calm, and gentle - they simply have nothing to worry them or upset them - every need is taken care of.

Fenella takes excellent care of them as you might expect. But the USP offered is beyond monetary value -  Fenella really, genuinely loves them.

We could not wish for better care.  Fenella takes responsibility for their welfare, and manages the farrier and the vet for me, as needed.  But that is only the beginning.  Her knowledge and experience of horses is outstanding, and this gives me so much confidence.  Then there are the regular updates on welfare, and photos in all types of weather, so I know without having to ask that they are doing well, and truly enjoying life.

When we moved them towards the end of last year, it was unsure how long one of them might have to live.  He is a very old man, and has all sorts of problems.  However, my husband and I agreed that even if he had only a week at Derrydown, it would be the best week of his life!

Well, he has made much longer than that - we think he believes he has already died, crossed the rainbow bridge, and is actually in heaven already!!

I sincerely cannot recommend enough Fenella and the retirement livery she so ably runs, and would happily suggest that if you have an old equine friend that you want to give the best retirement possible - Derry Down is the place to be.

Helena Greenland

I have been keeping my Ex Polo Pony, Purdy, with Fenella at DerryDown Estates for the last 6 months.  Purdy is loving her stay and is getting 6 star treatment from Fenella, who ensures she is happy and well fed everyday.  The paddocks are good grazing and safe and secure .  Fenella couldn't be more helpful . I would highly recommend their livery for anyone who wants the reassurance that their horse is happy and being well looked after.

Lucy Mcnamara

My horse left competition livery with a severe stifle injury. he has spent 5 months at Derrydown. he has received fantastic care and constant attention. He is back home finishing his rehab plan. Thanks to Derrydown Livery's care his operation has settled and there is no inflammation. Thanks to his positive and calm early recuperation, he will have the opportunity to be back in the ring within the year. Thank you very much, top service - we are very grateful to Fenella and her team at Derrydown Livery.

Isabel Howell

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